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The Communitea Project (TCP) is a first-of-its-kind, grassroots community based social service initiative that will offer adaptive, subsidized, and self-sufficient educational, housing, and health services that meet the specific needs of the communities it serves and calls home. Our project is devoted to effecting social change rooted in proactive environmentalism, intercultural competency, self-sustainability, responsibility and accountability for one another, and the agency of the community and the individuals that comprise it. We believe the communities we help create will generate jobs, stimulate social cohesion and healthier public discourse, as well as change the way that governments, businesses, and private individuals approach healthcare, housing, and education by providing locally generated, innovative, sustainable, repeatable, and adaptive solutions to everyday issues – seeing them as interwoven and having a profound effect on one another.

Communitea Project is connected and supported by community teahouses partnered with local teagrowers with a shared commitment to community agency and sustainable practices. This Project is funded by a combination of charitable contributions, grants, endowments, and sponsorship from members of the Communitea network of homegrown businesses and charter sponsor-members. These sponsor-members have all signed a charter committing to grassroots, ethical, community and people first business practices that provide operational transparency so that you know how the dollars you spend in their businesses goes towards providing community welfare services. Communitea exists for and by the love and effort put into by the people it serves. Each Communitea Center shares the aforementioned mission but also adapts and responds to the individual needs of the community it resides in.

Communitea is grown together!
Sustainability – in self, processes, environment, revenue, community, growth. We will set and achieve goals and programs to a point of stability before moving on to new vntures. Scaleability will be paramount.
Deliberate action, focused on the organization’s goals and priorities. Financials and decision making processes for each program made readily available to the public. We challenge others to help us always do better.
Interpersonal Connection
Interpersonal Connection: Commitment to developing connections between individuals as the cornerstone and driver for community building, learning, and entrepenurialiism. Building collaborative social awareness with empathy and understanding as the core of all our endeavours.
Ownership & Agency
Individual and group responsibility for results, actions and decisions. Representation and self-dertermination . Responsiveness to the needs of external and internal communitea members
Working collectively to accomplish more than what is possible alone. Leveraging internal and external resources to achieve financial efficacy towards goals.

Communitea Project Sponsors

Storied Journeys

Storied Journeys is a proud partner and sponsor of  the Communitea Project. Our goal is to help connect communities and individuals here in the United States with individuals and communities in other parts of the world through study abroad, language exchange, social and environmental action collaborations, homestay opportunities, and other forms of meaningful cross cultural engagement. Storied Journeys is devoted to operational transparency so that you know how the dollars you spend are going towards providing the same high quality educational and cultural exchange opportunities for underserved families and individuals in our community.

The last great frontier is the space between two people.

Communitea House

Communitea House is a proud partner and sponsor of the Communitea Project. The goal of Communitea House is to create a teahouse and community center where  access to community support services and resources, community based educational and professional opportunities for underserved communities, and a space for developing innovative new ideas for social change can all be found while enjoying a cup of tea provided by one of our many communiteas around the world. Communitea House is devoted to operational transparency so that you know precisely how the dollars you spend on each cup of tea or service is going towards benefiting different community support services, events, and initiatives. More information on Communitea House coming soon!

Where Communitea is grown!

The Village Teacher

The Village Teacher is a proud partner of and sponsor of the Communitea Project. Our goal is to provide high quality, real world, student centered educational experiences and tutoring services delivered by experts from a variety of fields and areas of interest. The Village Teacher is devoted to operational transparency so that you know how the dollars you spend on your classes are going towards providing these same high quality educational opportunities for underserved families and individuals in our community.

Because it takes a Village.

Communitea is Grown Together!

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