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Youth Sociteas:

Growing Communitea, one cup at a time.

Socitea is the youth engagement program of The Communitea Project. We are a youth-led social movement turning college campuses across the country into effective social enterprises raising money to create grassroots community based social services – one cup of tea at a time.

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Green Valley
Find a Chapter
Start a Chapter

Community built on sustainable, equitable, transparent community services.

Step 1

Serve tea

Step 2

Exchange for a conversation and donation(s)

Step 3

Invest the proceeds

Step 4

Make an impact!

Community built on sustainable, equitable, transparent community services.

At the Communitea Project, we know that the success of our mission cannot be achieved without involving everyone, including youth and leaders from around the community.


One of our strategic priorities is to amplify the youth’s voice as global citizens and strategic changemakers

The Youth Societea program framework reflects the founding pillars of our organization, The Communitea Project, to work from bottom up, mobilize communities, and engage local businesses and government agencies. Our students are committed to the empowerment and leadership of BIPOC, women, and the socioeconomically underserved. These leaders are trained and empowered to enroll their campus community in their efforts to promote community grown social services, which includes developing sustainable partnerships with campus groups like Student Government associations

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